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 New Products
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Image Product name view
E-hookah E-hookah
One of the most popular electric cigarette: the e-hookah with many tastes to choose
Titanium nails for smoking Titanium nails for smoking
Popular products: the titanium nails for smoking Material: Gr2 titanium
new glass bong new glass bong
It is one of the latest glass bongs. Each one is cool. It's popular hot sell. We have many shapes and color of the glass bongs. There must be one that you love.
Mask bong Mask bong
This is a set of mask bong. Combine a mask with a bong. Very cool, isn't it? Have one set then.
New glass bong New glass bong
New series of glass bong. With new design in different height. Welcome to contact us for more information.
titanium nail titanium nail
We have a series of titanium nails. We have our own CSP new design of T-nails. It's great for vapor.
New design grinder New design grinder
This grinder is our CSP new design with patent pending. The size can be: 40mm, 50mm, 55m,62mm We named this CSP grinder: Cross grinder. The feature: one hidden filter layer which can be inserted into the next part.
Zinc tobacco grinders Zinc tobacco grinders
3 parts zinc tobacco grinders cool and fashion various color
Spider herb holder Spider herb holder
Herb holder -spider color available:transparent, blue,green, light pink,light yellow, amber.
Ripple grinder Ripple grinder
CSP new design: patent pending GRN13240: Φ40mm GRN13250: Φ50mm GRN13255: Φ55mm GRN13262: Φ62mm
Hex grinder -Patent Hex grinder -Patent
Our CSP new design: hex grinder(patent pending) This one is four pieces grinder.
Small pipes Small pipes
Speciaty smoiking pipes: easy portable- small pipes
Storage case Storage case
Container We have many types of storage case.
Small metal pipes Small metal pipes
Specialty pipes: various color
Storage container Storage container
Storage container: very popular one
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