2023/07/10 13:33

What Is a Dugout?

The most common type of dugout is a small portable case that you can use to take your herb to-go. They have a swivel top that reveals a larger chamber that holds your pre-ground smoking herbs of choice and a smaller one that  just big enough for your one hitter pipe to live in. The smaller chamber is usually spring-loaded so your pipe pops up, which makes it much easier to get out.

In addition to classic dugouts that just have two compartments, there are other options on the market. Many have a place to keep accessories like a spoker tool that helps you keep your pipe clean. Others have a place for a lighter, too.

To use one, you fill the larger compartment with your smoking product. When you are ready to take a hit, you put your one hitter bowl end down into the ground herb and gently press it in to load the bowl. After you finish your hit, you can blow the ash out, or you can use a poker tool to clear it out.