2023/07/10 13:39

What kinds of pipes do we have?

Pipes are one of the oldest ways of smoking any kind of material on the planet. They are a tried and tested way of offering a reliable smoking experience in a portable package. Pack pipes up and take them wherever you go. When it comes to pipes, we have an assortment of materials that will cater to anyone's needs.

Ceramic Pipes Ceramic is a material mostly reserved for novelty pipes. A ceramic pipe is delicate and needs more care than other pipes. They aren't as portable and are made more as showpieces that are functional.

Glass Pipes Glass is the most common material used for making pipes. Glass offers a clean pure smoke to fully enjoy the taste and aroma of the herb. Glass pipes are portable, and depending on which brand and style, can be particularly robust.

Metal Pipes Metal pipes are a true workhorse. While their smoking experience may not be as enjoyable as a glass pipe, their portability and durability is second to none. Metal pipes can take a beating and still work as efficiently as it did on day one. Not only that, metal pipes have parts that are very easy to replace and customize.


One Hitters One hitters are just that. They are usually a glass pipe that fits in a dugout. These pipes are dipped into grinded herb and smoked from for one or two puffs before needing a reload. Pair a one hitter with a dugout for a very stylish and discreet way of smoking anywhere.

Silicone Silicone pipes are pipes in their most fun form. They are very durable and offer a nice smoking experience. These pipes are styled brightly and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and styles.

Wood Pipes-Wood pipes are the most traditional way of pipe smoking. Their roots go far back to tobacco and smoking other herbs. A wooden pipe will only get better with age as it gets seasoned.